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The question we like to ask business people is “how much is poor administration costing you each month”? We have yet to find a company that can say outright “so many rand”. How do organisations manage admin risk / cost / consistency / continuity and ensure customer service excellence if they don’t know how much their admin is costing them?

Organisations don’t monitor their administrative structure at all and yet it can become quite costly. During our consultations we can establish from a review, where you stand and start putting Rand values to your administrative system – it can be quite a shocker.

Some critical points within your administrative system that relate to cost are:

  • Time
  • Reminder system management
  • Accuracy
  • And many more to watch out for.

Having a poor admin system combined with inadequately skilled people is a dangerous place to be. We can take a look, propose a way forward, implement the CLIP System and monitor it for a period of time to get is established and part of the organisation. Knowing where your organisation stands with regards their “Administrative system cost” is rather important and can save you much money.

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