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Shan Cade who was hugely informative about really practical safety and security information. She covered safety and security in the home (parents, children and domestic workers), the workplace and then when you are out and about. The value of Shan's presentation in times like this is invaluable and I only wish more of you had been there to hear it. Debbie – event organiser and MC

Shan Cade has been instrumental in the successful implementation of the Occupational Health and Saftey act aligned with Gurtech’s long term goals and strategies. She has the ability to gain an overall understanding of the business and to successfully implement the necessary procedures. Shan has also been involved in the up skilling both management and floor staff through a series of toolbox talks in subjects ranging from HIV Aids, Health and safety awareness and sustainable business thinking. With Gurtech having expanded significantly over the past three years, the recruitment procedures implemented by Shan and her continued involvement in this area has proved invaluable to Gurtech’s success.

Shan’s involvement in our organisation at Talk Lumber (Pty) Ltd has been very beneficial to the outcome of my supervisors thinking and performances. She has changed their general thinking to a sustainable business thinking where they are playing a great role in the success of the business. She also interacts with the general staff and deals with them on any personal matter which have changed the general thinking on their behalf as well.

I was so inspired by the CLIP system but had to break 2 really bad habits this past week- notes on bits of paper and a full inbox! The Daily Book was put into use the very next day by me, the project administrator and our new manager. We have also been constructing a focus tool which is a work in progress. Thank you for sharing your organisational skills. I found you dynamic to listen to and enjoyed interacting with other delegates.








The question we like to ask business people is “how much is poor administration costing you each month”? We have yet to find a company that can say outright “so many rand”. How do organisations manage admin risk / cost / consistency / continuity and ensure customer service excellence if they don’t know how much their admin is costing them?

Organisations don’t monitor their administrative structure at all and yet it can become quite costly. During our consultations we can establish from a review, where you stand and start putting Rand values to your administrative system – it can be quite a shocker.

Some critical points within your administrative system that relate to cost are:

  • Time
  • Reminder system management
  • Accuracy
  • And many more to watch out for.

Having a poor admin system combined with inadequately skilled people is a dangerous place to be. We can take a look, propose a way forward, implement the CLIP System and monitor it for a period of time to get is established and part of the organisation. Knowing where your organisation stands with regards their “Administrative system cost” is rather important and can save you much money.

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Training Approach

Shân Cade Training, has a strong objectives based approach to learning, with facilitation that is high quality and highly interactive, encouraging active delegate participation. Many techniques are used, to encourage participation: Role-plays, exercises, presentations, demonstrations, multi-media, discussions, case studies etc.

Learners are often given real life, workplace scenarios, that will allow them to use their knowledge to handle or solve the scenario. Giving them confidence to take their new skills back into the business environment and successfully apply them.

Facilitators try to create a safe environment where learners can identify their skills and weaknesses, generate solutions, plan growth, and use collective knowledge in an appropriate and professional manner.


All the facilitators have numerous years of experience in facilitating skills based training programmes. (See facilitator CV’s, for further detail - Shan Cade & Shari Cade) Learners can be sure that our courses teach necessary skills to help improve performance and productivity.

Course delivery options:

  • On site group training - Our facilitators can train at your facilities. Any in-house training can then be customised to specifically suit the target audience and the organisations specific objectives. All training is objectives based, and closely adheres to the required objectives. Training costs include: Training, manuals/workbooks, certificates, post course report, post course support (up to one month, electronically), “the way forward” action plan for each delegate, on how to use and implement the learning into the workplace, pre -course assignment.
  • Public training courses – A variety of courses are offered throughout the year, at various local venues (Howick, PMB). (See Course/workshop schedule for information) Training costs include: course facilitation, training venue, refreshments (dependant on course length), course material, certificate, post course support (up to one month, electronically), action plan, to implement learning into the workplace.
  • One on one training – Can be arranged with us, for those needing specific training or guidance.
  • Tool box talks – Short 10-20 minutes talks/learning activities, given weekly to your chosen group of staff (supervisors, machine workers, managers.) Topics cover safety and compliance, as well as much needed skills for all staff (time keeping, conflict, team work, meetings, leadership.)


For organisations sending multiple staff members to public training courses, discounts can apply. (please ask for further information.) This allows you to maximise your training spend, while not compromising on quality.


While we are not coaching specialists, should you have found our way of facilitating worthwhile and would like to continue the learning for a time, we do offer coaching on a one-to-one or team coaching basis. Issues and situations are chosen by the organisation or the individual.

Business Finishing School:

This is a training package, essentially giving you the opportunity to complete 10 of our skills courses over two years, at a greatly reduced price. Please ask for current details.

Human capital is your greatest investment. High staff turnover is costly. Invest in your staff’s development to accomplish the productivity you deserve.

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