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PAGE System TT Poster 8

Toolbox Talk Poster 8 - PAGE System

A simple cross-cutting values-based system, that when practiced consistently allows you to achieve in whatever area you choose.  How do you approach any task or any person?  With the PAGE system.

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What are Toolbox Talks?

Toolbox talks are informal but regular meetings that focus on topics related to a specific job or workplace requirement. These meetings are designed to be short in duration, usually 20 minutes or less, but because of their regular nature, they play an important role in building skills, team, productivity, and understanding. The meetings are generally conducted onsite, before work begins, at least once a week, for a variety of levels of employees.   Our range of toolbox talk posters helps you in preparing for these meetings without too much effort.  Simply purchase and download the poster, then discuss it with your team at your next toolbox talk meeting.

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