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Training Approach

Shân Cade Training, has a strong objectives based approach to learning, with facilitation that is high quality and highly interactive, encouraging active delegate participation. Many techniques are used, to encourage participation: Role-plays, exercises, presentations, demonstrations, multi-media, discussions, case studies etc.

Learners are often given real life, workplace scenarios, that will allow them to use their knowledge to handle or solve the scenario. Giving them confidence to take their new skills back into the business environment and successfully apply them.

Facilitators try to create a safe environment where learners can identify their skills and weaknesses, generate solutions, plan growth, and use collective knowledge in an appropriate and professional manner.


All the facilitators have numerous years of experience in facilitating skills based training programmes. (See facilitator CV’s, for further detail - Shan Cade & Shari Cade) Learners can be sure that our courses teach necessary skills to help improve performance and productivity.

Course delivery options:

  • On site group training - Our facilitators can train at your facilities. Any in-house training can then be customised to specifically suit the target audience and the organisations specific objectives. All training is objectives based, and closely adheres to the required objectives. Training costs include: Training, manuals/workbooks, certificates, post course report, post course support (up to one month, electronically), “the way forward” action plan for each delegate, on how to use and implement the learning into the workplace, pre -course assignment.
  • Public training courses – A variety of courses are offered throughout the year, at various local venues (Howick, PMB). (See Course/workshop schedule for information) Training costs include: course facilitation, training venue, refreshments (dependant on course length), course material, certificate, post course support (up to one month, electronically), action plan, to implement learning into the workplace.
  • One on one training – Can be arranged with us, for those needing specific training or guidance.
  • Tool box talks – Short 10-20 minutes talks/learning activities, given weekly to your chosen group of staff (supervisors, machine workers, managers.) Topics cover safety and compliance, as well as much needed skills for all staff (time keeping, conflict, team work, meetings, leadership.)


For organisations sending multiple staff members to public training courses, discounts can apply. (please ask for further information.) This allows you to maximise your training spend, while not compromising on quality.


While we are not coaching specialists, should you have found our way of facilitating worthwhile and would like to continue the learning for a time, we do offer coaching on a one-to-one or team coaching basis. Issues and situations are chosen by the organisation or the individual.

Business Finishing School:

This is a training package, essentially giving you the opportunity to complete 10 of our skills courses over two years, at a greatly reduced price. Please ask for current details.

Human capital is your greatest investment. High staff turnover is costly. Invest in your staff’s development to accomplish the productivity you deserve.

Training courses and workshops can be viewed here.


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